Slowcraft Maldoror specializes in fine full custom steel bicycles. Traditional steel tube sets in standard dimension, together with sound construction methods, offer a great resource for safe, reliable, strong, and responsive, Road, Pista, Touring, Rando, Commuter, and Fixie bicycles, in both single and tandem designs.

     Each bicycle is designed and constructed to meet, and/or exceed the type of ride that is demanded by a discerning rider that is commissioning a Full Custom bicycle. 

     That you would choose SM to make you a custom frame is very important for us. We take this very seriously, and take the utmost care in providing you with custom geometries (and materials selections) for the type of riding that you will be doing. Our Full Custom construction begins with an exhaustive interview about the type of ride that you require and that you will be doing, under what conditions, with what type of equipment, weight, distance, time, cycling experience. 

     Slowcraft Maldoror has experience fabricating bicycles in large (63cm-ct) and smaller (49cm-ct) sizes. We offer male and female configurations in both singles and tandems:  in Road, Pista, Touring, Commuters, and street Fixies.